We can smell winter in the air today, we got the first snow this weekend. What […]
In the process of creating every new toy, while I am drawing a draft on paper […]
***************** UPDATE: This pattern has been remade, to be much easier to make, with a detailed […]
What is a tooth pillow and why in the world my kids would need one? I […]
Do you know Totoro? Do you know the cute character from the Japanese fantasy film My […]
Sewing with smaller children can be challenging since they can’t do everything and there attention is limited. […]
My older one loves bats. He likes to draw bats, he likes to read books about […]
Free sew giraffe toy tutorial
My good friend just had a baby. I decided to sew something for a little boy, […]
For me with no doubt in mind this would be felt. Felt is a non-woven fabric […]
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