In the process of creation of every new toy, while I am drawing a draft on a paper, when trying out different face expressions, or while I am combining pieces of fabric and sewing them together, the toy starts to create its own character. I never know what I will end up with at the end. It is like that they have their own life; I just help them to come alive. Does this happen to you too?  This is exactly how I created my new softie friend Bernie the Cat.

So, let me introduce you to Bernie the Cat, very relaxed, easygoing, content cat. He really knows how to enjoy the life big time. He spends hours sleeping in his soft warm bed with his best friend, squeezing gently to him, or lying leisurely and carefree on the warm sun, listening to the wind playing in the treetops, and birds singing their joyful song. He is never in the hurry and always willing to cuddle.

If you would like to have Bernie the Cat at home or you know some special person that needs someone like him, he is quite easy to make and is a great gift idea for babies, children and cat lovers of all ages. You can make a great use of all that colorful scraps from other projects, which you were saving just in case.

Materials you will need for sewing your own Bernie the Cat

  • Colorful scraps of cotton fabric
  • Two buttons for eyes
  • Black embroidery thread for mouths
  • Black felt for nose
  • Felt for the heart
  • Embroidery thread for the heart
  • Filler for toys

Finished size

  • Finished Bernie the cat is approximately 13 in / 32cm toll.

Steps for sewing Bernie the Cat

Step 1

Get your Bernie the cat sewing pattern. Print it full size on A4 sheet of paper:


Cut out all the pieces from the fabric as written on the pattern.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 1

Step 2

First do the front hand body part of Bernie the Cat. Sew the buttons for eyes. Use embroidery thread and really make sure that the buttons are well sewn on the fabric, especially if you are sewing the toy for the little guys. Second, position the felt nose and sew it on the fabric using the running stitch. Thirdly, add the smiley mouth with black embroidery thread using the stem stitch. Last, sew the heart from felt with embroidery thread using the running stitch.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 2

Step 3

Place two ears parts right sides together. Sew them together on left and right (not at the bottom). Cut the top off (be careful not to cut the seam), turn around, and top stitch on the right side. Put in little stuffing (very little). They should look like this:

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 3

Step 4

Sew the legs, hands, and tail parts together by placing them right side together. Turn them around and stuff with the filler.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 4

Step 5

Iron the bottom edge of the main body parts like this to make closing together later easier.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 6

Step 6

Position the ears and hands on the front body part on the right side, pin them. Place the back body part right sides together on the top and pin well. Sew living the bottom open completely. Turn around and fill with the filler.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 5
Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 8

Step 7

Position the legs into the body and pin together. Sew.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_step 9

Step 8

Sew the open part of the tail together.  Hand sew the tail a little bit sideways on the back side of the body. That is it! You have just made your own Bernie the Cat. Now give him a nice massage to position the filling nicely.  Do not hurry; you know how much cats love to cuddle.

Bernie the cat toy free sewing pattern_1_final

The only thing left is to share a picture of your Bernie the Cat, your little masterpiece with us here, on our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

I would really love to see it.

Do you have any additional ideas on how to make this free Bernie the Cat pattern and tutorial even helpful? Feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas.


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  1. Hi Maya, love this happy cat!
    I find it easier to sew on the ears & limbs if I baste them onto the body first making sure all the raw edges are just over the edge of the body. Sometimes I push the stuffing down the limbs & baste that as well so you get a nice flat surface to sew.
    I like the way you have added the legs.
    He’s a great idea for using scraps.
    Many thanks & regards 😉

    • Dear Sheila, thank you so much for your comment. You are right, fixing the lambs to the body first and flatting everything before sewing definitely helps. Great tip, will add this to the tutorial. Many thanks!
      How did your scrappy cat turn out? Curious. 😉

      • Well, I like that both of these guys will be in black and gold for a couple seasons yet. I also like that we have the room to resign Rask for what he should be worth, and have the wiggle room to fit in a couple healthy scratches. It would be nice to get a scoring winger if we could to make up for Horton or Savard, but we have to get rid of Thomas’ cap hit or we might get seriously screwed. I also really hope Kelley will be able to keep his production up at this price.

  2. Thank you for Bernie the Cat. I made him from pieces left over from blankets and burp cloths so he is very soft and parents will recognize some of the materials, having received the blankets and burp cloths as gifts when baby was newborn.

  3. Hi, Maya! Just found you on Pinterest (Bernie the Cat, of course!) and so glad I did find you! Can’t wait to explore your site and am eager to see what else you come up with.

  4. Hi Maya
    Thank you for Sharing your Bernie the cat.?
    I’m Sure she could be turned into a lion.
    I can’t draw but would love you to give us alternate faces, PLEASE.
    Also, do you have patterns for other wild animals eg Zebra, Giraffe

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  5. Hello! I am excited to make this little Bernie Cat – I found it online yesterday, and went today and dug thru my scraps and found some that will coordinate cutely together. Except…I will allow a bit more to the back of the back pattern to allow me to make a seam at the back to insert the tail, to me, I think it will allow the tail to stay attached better. I do so like the way you seamed up the bottom where the legs are – put the legs in, stuff it and then top-stitch it all in place – very good idea! I will try to submit a picture of the 2 I am planning to make for my granddaughters, and am going to make one up to go with a kittykat flannel print I am making a baby blanket out of for a gift. Thank you for sharing this with us! – Laura –

    • Hi Laura, great idea with the tail, I would love to see how it turns out. I am sure your granddaughters will love Bernies, especially because grandma made them. <3

  6. Hi, I love this little cat project. I am relatively new to sewing small curves like the end of arms and legs. Do you have any tips for sewing perfectly round ends like you did on your project.



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  8. Obrigada por compartilhar esse lindo gatinho! Sou apaixonada por ele. Finalmente vou fazer para dar de presente! ?
    Muito obrigada!

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  11. I love, love, love him. My senior group is having a craft fair this coming week. This is a perfect item to sell. I will make as many as I can all week end long. Thank you so much for sharing him.

  12. I want to make this for my wife as a memorial for her friend that passed from some seat covers we found in her stuff this pattern is perfect

  13. I made Bernie, okay Bernice. I used daisy fabric for the eyes because it’s for a first birthday gift and buttons are not safe yet. I also too stitched toes to make the paws look more like paws.
    Thanks for the pattern.

    • Aww, that sounds soooo cute! Bernice. :))) I would love to see how she looks like. Could you share picture of her on my Facebook page SewToy?

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