Easy & fun

You can make it! All you need is good old sewing machine that can sew regular seam, couple of hours, and desire to make magic.

Spreading love

Handmade softie will be the best gift anyone could make or buy for that someone special because you will sew the piece of your heart, your love, and good wishes into it.

Creating magic

There is something in soft companions, their superpowers, something that speaks to us, something that makes us feel safe, and loved.

Let’s make someone’s new best friend today

Does sewing look a bit complicated to you? Are you afraid making a toy by yourself will take too much time and energy, that the softie at the end will not look good, and you might end up buying a gift last-minute instead?

Is that you? A creative soul who wants to make a cute stuffed toy for someone, to make them feel loved and special, but needs a little bit of help?

Welcome! Sewing might not be your strongest skill, yet. But, I have seriously cute & easy to make toy patterns, all with detailed step-by-step tutorials, and I am here to help you if you get stuck for any reason.

Prepared to start creating magic?

New soft toy cuties in the shop

Creating magic is fun & easy

Don’t worry, even, if you a are a beginner, and you haven’t sew a stuffed toy before. There are only four easy steps to create your loved one’s new best friend, and I will guide you every step of the way.


Choose carefully soft toy with the right magic power for your loved one. 


Buy detailed photo tutorial and pattern that will guide you every step of the way.


Follow the steps. Don’t worry, if you get stuck for any reason, I am here to help you find the solution.


Surprise the loved one and enjoy the magic you will create.

The most popular new friends

If everyone would feel loved and safe, world would be much nicer place to live in

Do you still have your soft toy companion from childhood?

I do. It is a teddy bear I got under the Christmas tree when I was 5. I named him Brundo, and we have been together ever since.

My Brundo has several superpowers! He is the best listener and confider, and he gives big, healing, soft hugs. What special power does yours hold?

You can call me silly, but I believe there is something magical in our soft friends, something that makes us feel loved and safe.

I would love that every child in the world has a soft friend like my Brundo, a friend that would always make him feel loved and safe.

That is why I design cute & easy soft toy patterns, and why each of them has its own story, personality, and superpower. I hope they reach as many children as possible.

THANK YOU for creating magic and spreading love by sewing someone’s new best friend.

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