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Welcome! If creating is your passion, I can help you confidently transform fabric pieces into cute companions with hidden superpowers.

It all started with my grandma, that thought me so much, and my mom, who always understood my passion and supported me. I still have the first sewing machine she bought me for my birthday years ago.

I am so proud I can pass my passion to my two sons now. I enjoy creating with them, they are my door to the forgotten world, where no rules exist, colors are combined in crazy ways, and time stops for a while. They are my severest critics, my biggest motivators, always encouraging me and cheering me on.

Please, come in, look around, I hope you like what you see. You are more than welcomed to join me on this journey.


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28 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    Dear Maya, Thank You so much for sharing these lovely patterns and ideas. I have two friends in poor health who need a hug and I have tons of scrap material, so I’m making one for each of them. When I finish I’ll send you pictures.

    • Maya says:

      Hi Lynn, that’s so good to hear. I would love to see the pictures and I do hope your friends will feel better soon, hugs certainly will help. 🙂
      You really are a good friend. Wish you all the best.

    • Toodie Bergeron says:

      thank you so much for sharing such cute idea’s . I am a beginner sewer and really can use some helpful advice. I would like to make some cute things for Operation Christmas child, and for children who have been abandon and also abused. Once again thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Toodie

  2. Debbie says:

    Awesome site !

  3. Par S says:

    Am interested in Bear Patterns for Hospice patients.

  4. Seema says:

    Can you please let me know the dimensions (measurements) of Bernie the Cat?

  5. Seema says:

    Can you please let me know the dimensions (measurements) of Bernie the Cat?

  6. Ellen says:

    Are the free stuffed animals small in size? Do we need to enlarge the patterns?
    All your ideas are so cute.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Maya says:

      Thank you Ellen.
      All free stuffed animals are small in size, you don’t have to enlarge the pattern unless you would like to make them bigger.
      Happy sewing ✂✂✂

  7. Pip SPRIGGS says:

    Hi I wan to sign up but cannot find how to do it

    • Maya says:

      Hi, Pip. That would be wonderful if you would join our SewToy family. You can sign up via any pop-up or through Bernie the cat pattern download. If you would still have a problem, please contact me by e-mail and I will find some other solution for you. Wish you all the best and hope to see you soon in our family. Maja

      • Pip SPRIGGS says:

        Hi Maya
        Have signed up and recieve your mails, however I cannot download the Bernie cat pattern ????

        • Maya says:

          Hi, Pip, the download happens automatically – check the downloaded files folder on your computer, it should be there. If you can’t find it, please send me an e-mail via the contact form on my page and I’ll send you the pattern directly. Have a lovely day, Maja

  8. Louiza says:

    I love the beautiful and cute things you make!
    This has enspired me to start sewing again. Thank you so much!
    Centurion, South Africa

    • Maya says:

      Aww Louiza, thank you from my heart for your kind comment! I’m really glad you found me and are helping to share the magic. Big, big hug to you. Maja

  9. Where can I find `Bernie the Cat’ pattern? I can’t seem to locate the pattern. He is just `Too, too’.
    Thanks much and stay safe.

    • Maya says:

      Dear Virginia, the download happens automatically when you enter the e-mail and sign in for the newsletter – check the downloaded files folder on your computer, it should be there. If you can’t find it, please send me an e-mail via the contact form on my page and I’ll send you the pattern directly. Have a lovely day, Maja

  10. Teresa Michelle Harp says:

    I never received my pattern. I signed up with [email protected]. Please help.

    • Maya says:

      Dear Teresa, have you checked the spam folder? Sometimes it does happen it lands there. If it is not there, please let me know for which free pattern have you signed for and I’ll send it to you via e-mail.

  11. Christine Loehrke says:

    I have tried 2x to get your teddy bear pattern and it is not showing up for me.
    Please try to send it to me.

  12. Linda Shukri says:

    Hi Maya!

    I used your teddy bear pattern to make 3 teddies for Christmas gifts. I also helped a little friend to make some for her siblings for Christmas. I have a blog and I posted your link in it. I hope it was okay to do that without asking your permission.

    Here’s my blog address: http://www.ladyelsielee.com

    Merry Christmas!
    Linda Shukri

    • Maya says:

      Dear Linda, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love the big bow, and tinny dots, and flowers! They all look amazing, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I wish you all the best in 2022, lots of amazing creative projects and heartful people to share the magic with.
      Maya ✨✨✨

  13. Kerrie says:

    Just tried received email today re: Kiki pattern. Love it so tried using the discount code but had already expired? Now not buying pattern disappointed.

    • Maya says:

      Dear Kerrie, I only sent the reminder email on Sunday the special one-time offer is ending on Monday. Did you try on Sunday before midnight? If so please write me my e-mail and we will figure something out. In the meantime, I’ll check if technically everything works as it should. Kind regards, Maja

  14. Angela McLaren says:

    Dear Maya,
    I cannot see if the toys are in Canadian or Americian dollars?

    • Maya says:

      Dear Angela, if you are in Canada, you should see Canadian dollars. To be 100% sure, start the buying process in PayPal, because in PayPal you should see the price in your currency. I do hope this helps. I’ve also sent you an email if you would need any additional help.

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