Do you know Totoro? Do you know the cute character from the Japanese fantasy film My […]
The block was my first idea that came to my mind when my ten years old […]
My older one loves bats. He likes to draw bats, he likes to read books about […]
Free sew giraffe toy tutorial
My good friend just had a baby. I decided to sew something for a little boy, […]
Apropriate for beginners and children, hours of fun making them and playing with them
Finger puppets are a great way to make your children busy. Firstly they will have a […]
Free sewing tutorial for teddy bear
Who didn’t have his own teddy bear as a child? I did. His name is Bruno […]
For me with no doubt in mind this would be felt. Felt is a non-woven fabric […]
Soft, colorful balls of all sizes, materials and colors. They are cute. They are handy. They […]
Very simpl free tutorial about how to sew the cuttest monkey from the socks. Very easy […]
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