Apropriate for beginners and children, hours of fun making them and playing with them

Finger puppets are a great way to make your children busy. Firstly they will have a lot of fun making this finger puppets and secondly they will love playing with them. Believe me, they will be so proud showing off their masterpieces.

At the same time, this is a great way to learn basic stitches for anyone learning to sew. All you need is a few pieces of colorful felt and different threads. Everything is hand sew. My 7-year-old nailed this and so can you.

I will explain the process for one finger puppet – Mrs. Piggy.

Step 1.

Print the pattern or simply cut the pieces from the fabric. The height of the body is approximately 9,5 cm (3.7 inches).

free pattern for finger puppets, piggy

Step 2.

Prepare all the pieces, that will go on the body: nose and eyes. Firstly use basic stitches to sew on nostrils and mouth on the nose. Secondly sew the nose and eyes to the front body.

Step 3.

Put the rest of the pieces (arms, ears) between the

front and back body piece and pin.

Step 4.

Make a knot and hide it inside. Sew around the body and take care, that you go through all layers of fabric. At the end make a knot and hide it inside.

Step 5.

You are done. 🙂

The process for other finger puppets is the same. Just use your imagination and have fun.

Here are some more ideas, if you will need them for finger puppets: an eagle, giraffe, mouse, chicken, bear, gull, fox, and rabbit. The last three finger puppets were made by my 7-year-old son.  So proud. 🙂

ideas for finger puppets - craft kids


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