Who didn’t have his own teddy bear as a child? I did. His name is Bruno and today my little ones are playing with him and I still love him just as much.

My youngest one shares my love for teddy bears. He as well has his dearest teddy bear that goes everywhere with him. He does not have a name, he is simply his Bear.

When I came across this free tutorial for sewing the cutest teddy bear at HowJoyful blog, I just couldn’t resist sewing one for him.

 Free sewing tutorial for teddy bear

I did have some trouble putting all pieces together but did succeed at the end.  The tutorial really is not appropriate for beginners.  I was really excited over the final result because the teddy bear is as real as possible, he sits alone and just invites you to embrace it.

For material I have chosen anti-pill fleece, because it is very soft, washable and it doesn’t pill with use, and that is great for kids’ toys that are squeezed and rubbed a lot. You can find a wide range of anti-pill fleece on Amazon, to combine the perfect color combination for your teddy bear.

My youngest had closely followed each step of the creation and is more than pleased with the final result. The bear has already earned the privilege to sleep with him, although nothing will ever replace his firs love, his Bear.


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  1. Are you able to email me the instructions so I can print them out. This bear is adorable. It was so hard to find a nice looking pattern and instructions.

    • Maria
      Do you have the pattern for the joyfull bear? I love that bear & copied all the instructions only to find the pattern is not there. I was wondering if you have it if you could send me just the pattern.

  2. Maya,
    Your bear turned out adorable. I also have this pattern but am having trouble with the legs. I almost think that the letters on the leg tops are incorrect. The lady who wrote the pattern says to be careful and not put the leg tops on the wrong positions. Did you have trouble with the legs?
    Thanks, Connie

  3. I am having trouble with the legs and feet can you help, the letters on the pattern do not seem to match…thanks for your help!

  4. Bonsoir, Pouvez-vous m’envoyer les instructions par e-mail afin que je puisse les imprimer. Cet ours est adorable.

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