Do you know Totoro?

Do you know the cute character from the Japanese fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro? The film was released back in 1988, but even today’s kids worldwide love this cute character and enjoy the fantasy world, Japanese are masters of creating. I didn’t know this movie as a child, but my husband loved it growing up. I guess, it is a boy thing since both my boys love it as well.

sew totoro free pattern and tutorial

Sewn Totoro for my boys

I found great free pattern with tutorial on web

Boys begged me to sew them a Totoro for some time, and when I finally checked the web if something like this already exists, I was pleasantly surprised to find great free pattern with tutorial at Cheek and Stitch. The pattern is easy and tutorial well descriptive so that even beginners should not have much trouble to nail this. I am really thankful to bloggers creating and sharing such a great content, free patterns and tutorials,  we can use creating our own masterpieces and bringing smiles to our children faces.

Was felt the best choice?

My Totoros are made out of a felt as the original ones are. Although they looked great when newly sewn, after few washes they don’t look as good anymore; probably fleece would choice to try out. Apart from that, kids love their Totoro; this explains frequent washing.

Wish you all great time sewing your own Totoro.


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