Dear creative friend! 

Yes, it is already the last weekend before Christmas! How are the preparations going? All set?

The holiday season, the end of the year, at least for me, is the time to stop and reconnect with people in my life I love, am grateful for, or miss having them around. For you too?

Remembering them with Christmas cards, sending them good wishes is the first step. But, if we want to connect our hearts, we need to …

Make it more personal!

That is why I love to enclose small, thoughtful gifts to the good Christmas wishes I send, via post or e-mail, something that will spark receivers’ creativity in whatever they enjoy doing. It can be as simple as a colorful, cute set of pins, embroidery threads, buttons, or a digital tutorial for something I know they will love to make.

Digital tutorials & patterns are great gifts! 

  • They are great for sending via e-mail
  • very inexpensive
  • can be bought 24/7 and are delivered immediately to your e-mail address
  • you can print them and nicely package them and send via mail, put under the Christmas tree, or send them via e-mail to your loved ones anytime. And you are not dependent on the mail. You can send it even at the last minute if you accidentally forgot to add them to the list – nobody will know. 

Do you have a friend that: 

 loves to sew
 has a sweet spot for cute plushies
 has a little (or big) person in their lives you know they would love to create a new best friend for then 

easy SewToy patterns with detailed step-by-step picture tutorials might be just the right thoughtful gift for them. 

It is YOU! The amazing thing about creating patterns for cute stuffed toys is seeing how moms, grandmoms, and aunts all around the world are creating magic for their children by making their new best friends with superpowers.


I often get asked why I make patterns for stuffed toys and don’t just sew and sell them.

Well, if I was sewing these little fellows by myself, I could only make so many. I also couldn’t sew so much love, good wishes, magic into them as you, moms, grandmoms, and aunts can. 

Why? Because you know your little ones best. You know their favorite animals, their favorite colors and patterns, their favorite everything. You also know their fears and challenges.  

That is why only you, dear moms, grandmoms, and aunts, have a real magic power to give the stuffed friend you made the supper power your child needs.  


Recently Susanne from Beamazed, Australia saw a cute monster for her daughter. She even wrote a poem to celebrate the secret power she saw in her cute monster.

Made with SewToy cute monster animal stuffed toy pattern for beginners

🎵 Give me a cuddle, my monster friend.

My mummy made you just for me

so I feel safe and worry-free.

🎵 No matter what happens, you will be there 

just like my parents, who I hold dear.

🎵 Give me a cuddle, my monster friend.

The night will be safer with you in my hand.

– Susanne Kurz, Beamazed –

How lovely is that, isn’t it!

And this is our Cute monster pattern, that inspired this poem. Very detailed easy PDF pattern for beginners with detailed step-by-step instructions and instant download will make a cute handmade gift your kids will love too. 

Susanne from Beamazed made the review of our Cute monster pattern, and 

But I am just a beginner sewer. If I make the stuffed toy, it won’t be perfect. 

Yes! And that is the true beauty of it! My niece, then 7. years old, said to me once:

“I love your toys because they don’t look all the same as the ones in the shops do.”

Don’t worry about all the little imperfections you might make! Little ones won’t notice them, and if they do, most probably they will love them. They will love them because the imperfections will make their stuffed toy friend unique. They will be the proof of your love and time you invested in making their new stuffed friend, rather than just quickly buying them.




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    • Aww, dear Clair, that really means so much to me. Thank you, happy to have you as part of our SewToy family! 🤗

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