UPDATE: This pattern has been remade, to be much easier to make, with a detailed step-by-step photo PDF tutorial.  Because I would love to create more cute soft friends for you to make in the future and at least cover the expenses, the pattern is not free anymore but is still affordable for a fair price. I hope, you will support my small business and my dream by buying the new pattern


how to sew decorative dog pillow free pattern _ final

Why have I decided to start a year with sewing  a decoartive dog pillow? Well, dear friends, I am so excited! We got a new family member right after Christmas, a puppy! His name is Bobi, and he is a mixed breed dog, partially Labrador, partially Golden retriever and partially … well unknown. He is dark as night and only has a white spot on his chest. He is very smart and he is learning fast. Who would have guessed, that a cat lady since forever would ever own a dog! Therefore, I am starting this year with creating something inspired by this cute little creature living together with us in the house now – a dog pillow for my son’s room.

Smaller pillows always come in handy in kids’ rooms, for sitting, lying, reading, pillow fighting, or just for the decoration. My older son, a big animal lover is 11, and he is the main reason Bobi joined us. We had many family discussions before the final decision was made to own a dog, trying to make sure, my son understands the responsibility he is committing to for the next 15 years or so. He was strongly involved in selecting the right puppy and he had to read the whole book about the dogs. He even went for walks by himself in the mornings to prove his dedication to us.

For now, my son is keeping his part of the deal, taking the dog for a walk every morning before school and again right after the school, feeding him, and taking care of him. Up till now, he was alone a lot, as I and my husband do not come home until around 5 pm. He was bored often, thus spending too much time playing video games or watching TV. Sounds familiar? Because he really has a special feeling for animals, and he did show dedication, we gave up to his persistent requests to own a dog at the end, and for now, I am not sorry for doing so.

So let’s do this simple project, let’s sew an easy dog pillow for my son’s room.

Degree of difficulty

EASY project, appropriate for beginners

Time needed

1 hour

Material you will need for sewing this decorative dog pillow

  • a soft fabric of your choice, I have used a soft wool fabric left from some other project
  • fleece in matching color for the spot around the eyes
  • white and black felt for the nose, eyes and upper part of the ears
  • cotton for the bottom part of the ears and tongue
  • filler for the pillow.


how to sew decorative dog pillow free pattern _ step 2

how to sew decorative dog pillow free pattern _ step 5


how to sew decorative dog pillow free pattern _ 7

Do you like it? Do you have any additional ideas how to make this dog pillow pattern and tutorial even more helpful? I would appreciate your comments in the comments section below. Thank you! 🙂



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  1. The dog pillow is so simple but so cute. Thanks. Really all your patterns are great. Keep up the great work.

  2. oh how adorable. thank you for sharing the pattern and instructions with us. I know a little boy that would love this.

    • This pattern looks like it costs 11 thousand 20 dollars. Is this foreign currency? I assume it is supposed to be a period instead of a comma but in today’s world I can’t take a chance of being charged the wrong amount.

      • Hi Maria, sorry for confussion, I am from Europe and we use commas not periods – it is 11 dolars and 20 cents.

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