UPDATE: This pattern has been remade, to be much easier to make, with a detailed step-by-step photo PDF tutorial.  Because I would love to create more cute soft friends for you to make in the future and at least cover the expenses, the pattern is not free anymore but is still affordable for a fair price. I hope, you will support my small business and my dream by buying the new, improved pattern



A cute and colorful baby blanket and toy all in one is one of those creative ideas that are fun to make, even though you absolutely don’t have any need for them. My boys are definitely not babies anymore and baby boom among my friends seems to be over at 40+, but I still love making new things for the little ones, just for the heck of pure fun. This is the whole story behind how this baby blanket pattern and the tutorial was created. And yes, it was fun. 🙂

My new two in one baby blanket is cheerful, soft, with upright ears, hands for hugging, and snout for cuddling. One side is made from soft bright spring green fleece, the other from 100% cotton with happy colorful stars. You can turn this baby blanket on one side or another, whatever suits you best at that moment. I can imagine my boys, when they were babies, how they would carefully explore the stars on the ears with their little fingers, the brown snout, handmade embroidery, dots on the hands noticing the difference between soft fleece and colder cotton.

If you like this cheerful blanket and baby toy all in one, this is how you can sew one just like this on your own. Step by step. No worries, if you are a total beginner, this is a really easy project to start learning how to sew.

Degree of difficulty

EASY project, appropriate for beginners

Time needed

1-2 hours

The material you will need for sewing this baby blanket and toy all in one

  • soft anti-pill fleece fabric for one side of the blanket and ears
  • matching light cotton fabric for the other side of the blanket and ears
  • a piece of anti-pill fleece for hands
  • a piece of cotton fabric for hands
  • brown embroidery thread
  • a little piece of wool felt for the snout

Cheerful baby blanket, you can use on both sides. On the soft fleece side

Baby blanket Bunny free pattern and tutorial 1

or on the cotton side.

Baby blanket Bunny free pattern and tutorial 4

You can fold it together nicely.

Baby blanket Bunnyfree pattern and tutorial 2

Baby blanket Bunny free pattern and tutorial 3

BABY BLANKET and TOY free pattern and tutorial

Wish you lots of fun with your creative projects,



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  1. Really cute and beautifully neat blanket. Thanks for the pattern and instructions. There seem to be so many babies being born at the moment I’m sure I shall be making some of these.

    • I am juuust getting into knitting and all these projects you have listed in here look wonderful..it might take me years before I master some of them but I am willing to try. Patience is a virtue, they say I’d love to have the Thorn shawl in Cream, made with a mix of angora and silk. It would be both practical, warm and pretty.

  2. This is so stinkin’ adorable! Can’t wait to make a couple of these for new grand-babies!
    Thank you for the tutorial! 🙂

  3. Are the measurements correct?
    I usually make my baby blankets about 44”x44” (square from width of cotton piece)?
    It looks adorable, will have to give it a go.

    • I Feel that the measurments given are misprinted 75cms is equal to 29 1/2 ins not 14 1/2 as stated lovely blanket .

      • You are correct, thank you! The finished measurements of this blanket are 30 in x 30 in. This is a smaller baby-sized blanket.

  4. I am making this but I need to know how far down from the corner will the hands be place? Thanks for the answer and for the pattern.

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