Why did I fall in love with my little alligators? 🐊🐊🐊

A few years ago a friend, a sewing enthusiast, gifted me these wonder clips, and I must admit, I was a bit confused at first.

I felt my old sewing machine, sharp scissors, chalk, and lots of pins were all I needed to create the magic. Do you feel the same?

I didn’t think I needed them at all.

Nevertheless, as they came so highly recommended, I gave them a go and I found out there truly are a few sewing activities, where they came in handy and make sewing much more FUN and EASIER for me.


Sewing Clips - pros and cons of using them 1


Advantages of Sewing Clips 

In comparison to the pins, clips (sewing, alligator, or wonder clips) have a few advantages that can make sewing soft toys and other sewing projects easier and thus more fun to do. 

  • You can easily slide them under the edge of the fabric to HOLD IN POSITION. You can select among different sizes, although I find I can do a lot with the classical size.
  • TOPSTITCHING the edges, especially if you are working with softer fabrics you can not iron, like fleece I use for toys a lot.

  • SEWING TOGETHER multiple layers of fabric especially thicker fabrics is much easier.

  • Clips DON’T LEAVE HOLES in the fabric.

  • Not like pins in the thicker fabrics, clips WILL NOT BEND.

  • And one of my favorites – they will never STAB YOU!


Sewing Clips - pros and cons of using them - topstitch


This example is from Dog pillow tutorial, where the clips made sewing a perfect topstitch to the ears much easier. 


Do Sewing Clips have any disadvantages at all? Can they replace the pins?

Clips can help us beautifully at sewing magical plushie toys, but can not replace the pins – they are more of wonderful addition to the pins. Together with both, the pins and clips in your sewing supplies, you can have the best of both worlds, and sewing magical soft toys will be even easier and more fun for you. 

The downsides of clips from my experience are: 

  • You can not sew over them as you can over the pins.
  • Clips can not be placed as accurately as pins can be.
  • Fabric in the clips, especially in the thinner ones can shift accidentally –  they just don’t hold the fabric in the place as strongly and precisely as pins do.


What is your experience with sewing clips?

Alligators or wonder clips became my must-have sewing supply for sewing plushie friends, especially the ones made from fleece. For me, they became a great addition to the pins.

What is your experience with them? Do you use them? If you have not tried them yet, why not?

Share your experiences with clips in the comments section below.


Have a wonderful time, till the next time. See you later, alligators. 🐊💖

🌈Maja & Sewtoy plushie friends 🐰🐻🦊




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  1. I love sewing clips and use them all the time. Have large and small. Can’t imagine binding a quilt without them.I agree they make top stitching neater and easier.

    • How lovely! They really make a big difference. Thank you for commenting, maybe this will encourage other sewing enthusiasts to try them out, as many still don’t know about them or tried to use them.

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