Rainbow pillow pattern


Colorful, positive and so easy to sew – cute rainbow pillow

When the days are grey, and I feel low, just as the song goes, I know what I need – happy, bright colors, they work like a charm for me, each time.

This is why I’m so excited to share the new pattern for the rainbow pillow cloud with you. I created it on one gray rainy lockdown day when I really needed some magic happy colors can bring to me. And they did! 

Now my rainbow cloud is one of the first things I see when I wake up and it feels like it cheerfully greets me each morning and wishes me a fabulous day! How could I start a day on a left food with such a positive vibe accompanying me to a new day? 

Sew a cute rainbow pillow for yourself or your loved ones, bring light and hope that rainbows can bring in to our lives. 


An easy sewing pattern appropriate for beginners 

This is an easy sewing project for beginners and kids learning to sew. 

Pattern & tutorial include: 

  • Step by step photo instructions with easy to follow written instructions (measures in centimeters & inches)
  • Full-size printable pattern template
  • Tips & tricks for a toy sewing and embroidery making
  • My support, if you get stuck for any reason at all. 


Let’s sew & learn together!




By following the steps in this cheerful rainbow pattern, you will learn the basics of how to make your simple soft toys, and you will pick up a few tips & tricks on the way too. Double win!

Rainbow cloud pillow Sewing pattern PDF Instant dounload


Materials you will need

Materials you will need to sew this 12.5 in x 8 in / 32 cm x 20 cm rainbow cloud:

  • One piece of fabric for each color in the rainbow  
  • Dark blue fabric for the back of the cloud
  • Dark blue and dark pink embroidery thread for eyes and mouth
  • Light pink wool felt for the cheeks
  • White and dark blue sewing thread
  • Toy or pillow stuffing

General requirements: sewing machine, pins, needles, scissors, trick marker, or chalk.

I am sending happy colors your way, and I hope you will enjoy sewing this rainbow pillow as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay safe.




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