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SewToy’s very first patterns summer sale for the beginners & sewing enthusiasts

By on July 12, 2020

Spread the lovePatterns summer sale – 30% OFF all patterns till the end of July My very first patterns summer sale If you are looking for cute and easy craft projects to do with your kids, grandchildren, or you are

Sun pillow with a smiley face – easy sewing & embroidery DIY project for kids and beginners

By on July 1, 2020

Spread the love 🌞 Hello, lovely! My name is Sunny, and I would love to be your sunshine. I am always cheerful, and I try to look for the positive side of life. Don’t complicate, be as simple as possible


By on May 22, 2020

Spread the love 🌈 Colorful, positive and so easy to sew – rainbow pillow When the days are grey, and I feel low, just as the song goes, I know what I need – happy, bright colors, they work like

Joyful little star sewing pattern for beginners

By on April 25, 2020

Spread the love Stars shine brightest in the night – star sewing pattern This little star was inspired by the birth of one very special little girl in the middle of pandemic times. She brought us so much joy and hope


By on July 14, 2017

Spread the love About the Baby cloud sewing pattern Baby cloud pillow, white as snow and extra soft and cuddly with hand embroidered eyes, mouth, and cheeks. They are a cute décor for any baby nursery. Baby cloud is a


By on October 15, 2016

Spread the love About the ghost sewing pattern The friendly ghost was inspired by my older son. He is still a little bit afraid of the dark, although he is too old to admit it. Easy, appropriate for total beginners

How to sew cute, little, friendly Boo – a ghost sewing pattern

By on October 15, 2016

Spread the loveThis ghost sewing pattern is just a perfect easy project for beginners and children learning to sew. Ghost Boo will make a cuddly plushie, that will for sure keep all the monsters away at night. In this case just use

Sailboat sewing pattern with instant download

By on September 17, 2016

Spread the love ~~~~~ I had a little sailboat, Its decks were new all painted blue. I had a little sailboat and sailed it on the see. ~~~~~   About the sailboat sewing pattern This sailboat sewing pattern is inspired

Pretty toys patterns with PDF instant download

By on September 17, 2016

Spread the loveWelcome, at pretty toys patterns. I love making pretty toys, and  I love sharing my unique designs with others. Most of all I love to teach others how easy it is to create pretty toys by themselves. Hence