Soft, colorful balls of all sizes, materials and colors. They are cute. They are handy. They are so easy to make. I just love them.

This free sew tutorial with a pattern is appropriate for beginners. Just follow the steps and in no time you will be a proud owner of your first handmade ball.

Step 1

Print the pattern on this picture.

For bigger ball just enlarge the picture.

Step 2

Cut 6 pieces from the fabric using this pattern.

Step 3

Put two pieces together, right sides facing and sew one side.

Step 4

Add the third piece of fabric to first two, right sides facing and sew. You should have half of the ball now. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to get the other half.

Step 5

Put one-half into the other half, right sides facing and sew.

Leave a small opening.

Step 6

Sew and unsew the opening.

This way it will be easier to close the opening at the end.

Step 7

Turn the ball through the opening and fill it with filler.

Step 8

Sew the opening using the ladder stitch.

Step 9

You are done. 🙂

Congratulations for your first ball.

It was fun and easy, wasn’t it?

How about some more ideas for making the balls even more fun?

  • insert a bell inside the ball (babies and small children will love them)
  • select different colors and materials
  • make different sizes
  • use them for indoor children activities (who can hit the box or who can through the ball into the box)
  • add faces to the balls
  • make animals out of them, like this:

anilmals balls

I hope, this tutorial was helpful to you.  If you have some fun ideas, what else can be done with this balls, please share.


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