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Sew Toy

Sew Giraffe Toy As a Baby Gift

By on September 3, 2012

My good friend just had a baby. I decided to sew something for a little boy, something small, that he will be able to hold in his little hands and put in his mouths without worries.

Free sew giraffe toy tutorial

Only safe materials were used (100% cotton) and no buttons added. The Giraffe toy can be hand or machine washed with no worries. This was very important for me when my children were so small, and I wanted the toys to be safe and easily washed.

I have found this free giraffe toy tutorial that was just perfect for this occasion. Simple and cute. I have added a scarf around giraffe neck with his initials, to personalize it.

As I am told, he enjoys this Giraffe toy very much. 🙂

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