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Sew Toy

How to sew cute, little, friendly Boo – a ghost sewing pattern

By on October 15, 2016

This ghost sewing pattern is just a perfect easy project for beginners and children learning to sew.


Ghost Boo will make a cuddly plushie, that will for sure keep all the monsters away at night. In this case just use the pattern as is, the finished size will be approximately 22 cm x 13 cm (9 inches x 5 inches).

If you enlarge the pattern, ghost Boo will make a great decorative pillow for kids’ rooms of all ages.

No worries, if you are a total beginner, this is a really easy project to start learning how to sew. So let’s start, step by step.

Degree of difficulty

EASY project, appropriate for beginners

Time needed

1 hour

Materials you will need for sewing the Boo with this ghost sewing pattern

  • A soft white anti-pill fleece fabric (you can also use soft fabrics like flannel)
  • White, black  and red wool felt for eyes, mouth and heart
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Toy or pillow stuffing

How to steps for sewing the ghost Boo

Step 1: Prepare the templates

Print out the free ghost sewing pattern and cut out the piece from the paper: ghost body and eyes parts.

Step 2: Cut the body and eyes parts from the fabrics

First, fold the white fleece in half, right sides together. Next, position the body template and cut adding 0,5 cm ( 1/4 inch) for the seam allowance.

Finally, cut the pieces for the eyes from the white and black wool felt, with no seam allowance added.


Step 3: Create ghost Boo’s eyes

Pin and then sew white felt circles on the black felt circle. Use very small stitches on the machine, to make it easier, or just hand-sew them using the running stitch.


Step 4: Sew eyes on the body and add the mouth

Position the eyes on the body, pin them and sew them on using very small stitches on your sewing machine or just hand-sew them using the running stitch.

For the mouth first cut from the black felt very narrow band as long as the mouth are. Position the band where the mouth will come and sew it on with zig zag stitch as wide as the band is (the zig zag stitch should not be visible at the end).


Step 5: Sew the ghost Boo together

Place the ghost bodies on top of each other right sides together. Pin. Sew together leaving the opening on one side. Before turning the ghost around through the opening, make him a funny hairstyle like the one on the picture – cut all the way to the seam, just be careful not to cut it through.

At the bottom first cut off the ends and then make small cuts all the way to the seam (see the picture). This will help with turning the bottom part around.


Step 6: stuff and close

Turn around the ghost Boo through the opening and position all edges nicely using your fingers. Close the opening with the ladder stitch, and you are done. Simple & cute, isn’t it.

If you like, you can add a felt heart now, if you haven’t done so already in step 4. Just use black embroidery thread to sew it on.

free ghost sewing pattern little ghost boo for haloween

How did it turn out? Satisfied? I hope you are. I know, I am curious, but  would you share your creation with me here, on Facebook, Google+ or Instagram for me and other sewing enthusiasts to see it?

More variations of this ghost sewing pattern

If you would like to learn how to make more variations of this cute ghost, learn how to add hands, open mouth, closed eyes, cheeks and a bow, if you would like to learn a basics of soft toy making, and get a few tips and tricks on the way, then friendly Boo family pattern is made for you: one pattern with three ghost variations, three tutorials and patterns, 11 pages, with detailed pictures and explanation of each step.


Wish you lots of fun with your creative projects,


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